There Are Only Some Moving Pictures

Not Just a Means to an End

A Game with Different Electronic Media – Because It’s Fun.

I don’t know how many videos I have filmed, edited and published in my professional life. There were many! From company portraits to wedding videos, from commercials to concert reports. A lot of moving colorful pictures. Actually I should have lost the desire to film. That’s not the case – for some time now I’ve been enjoying going out with the camera again. Editing videos on the computer is a creative challenge. And the connection with my music is the icing on the cake.

For me, videography is far more than just pressing the shutter button and filming random motives. I’m not interested in making videos that sell well. Videography is a passion that allows me to express my thoughts and feelings. I am not a person of the “big words”. I prefer to let my videos speak for me. My videos show the motives through my eyes. The camera and the lens are only the tools. It is like the brush of a painter. A video should evoke emotions in the viewer. The viewer should feel moved to another place, he should feel or suspect the feelings and the thoughts. In order to achieve my personal style, I make use of different techniques in cutting and setting to music to optimize my videos, contrast, colors, tonal values and last but not least to adjust the music.

Please visit my Youtube channel. You can watch some of my videos there (and listen … because a piece of music played by myself is of course also available for each video). Have fun with it.