My Camera Doesn’t Really
Shoot Great Pictures

Magic Has A Formula

Simple & Memorable Is the Motto I Live By

Photography – and the associated image design – is a good way for me to communicate how I feel. I find it easier to talk or write about the feelings behind a picture and when I took it than to describe how I actually felt in words. A picture can convey a sense of isolation, confusion and loneliness. However, it doesn’t matter if other people don’t perceive it; as long as you can see your emotions in your picture, it is part of your own self.

For me it is the creation of an actual image that distinguishes photography from other hobbies that benefit body and mind, such as running, hiking or cycling. Many hobbies allow you to train things in your head, but they do not allow you to fully visualize my emotions. Photography is about corresponding to what I really feel when I take the picture.

I used to be frustrated that I didn’t shoot landscapes like David Noton, for example, but that’s because I was emotionally and mentally in a very different place. For me, the world is colorful – sometimes black and white – and I want to reflect that with my pictures.

Capturing Moments and Preserving Memories

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