Yes – it is possible and nothing extraordinary for me. I have used the visual language of photography to gain access to unconscious emotions and motifs. Through the use of images I became aware of information about unconscious motifs and values and the associated blockages and expectations.

When I think about personal snapshots, family albums and pictures of others, I become aware of my memories, thoughts and feelings. I use photos as catalysts. An image cannot always be interpreted immediately. You have to let a photo have an effect on you. The perception and the associated feelings are very personal and unique for every viewer. There is therefore no false web to interpret a photo – no existing criteria can be used to evaluate perception. There is no “right” or “wrong”.

For me, photography is a practice of self-reflection and self-awareness. I use my hobby to raise my own awareness to bring about a positive change in my life. Photography has made me aware that my own way of interpreting the world, or the actions of others, is not the only possible way. Every interpretation is correct for the viewer.

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