Bernd Fichtel

I don’t want to be 100 percent perfect anymore.

I was born in 1958 in Bayreuth (Bavaria, Upper Franconia, Germany). After completing my training as a typesetter in the late 70s, I began to intensively study photography, which was still analogue at the time. In the course of time I was able to integrate my hobby into my profession. As an independent media designer with a focus on print and later website design, I was able to combine photography with my daily work.

During and after a longer illness I could neither do my job nor my hobby in the usual way. Fortunately I left Germany in February 2018 for personal reasons (but that’s another story – maybe I’ll write something about it later in my blog) and moved to England with my partner, so I rediscovered the “joy of photography”. My job as a media designer has become a hobby.

Now I am an early pensioner, live in the south of England – in beautiful West Sussex, and am on my way again to capture those moments that make the difference to the general. I’m looking for moments that amaze us and teach us wonder. It doesn’t necessarily matter to me what is technically “right”. Rather, my photography should make you believe in the magic of the moment.



The best of them have been selected,
edited and then published
in many different media.

By the way:
there have been more than
250.000 photos so far!