Music Is the Shorthand of Emotion

Where Words Fail, Music Speaks

Works from Organized Sound Events.

The headline is irritating. Is music really just organised sound events? I cannot give a satisfactory answer. Unfortunately!

I grew up with music. Music played an important role in my parents’ house. So I started accordion lessons at the age of 10. After some years the keyboard (in my case a small organ – a real squeaking instrument) was added. And shortly after that I decided to add the guitar to my instrument pool.

It didn’t take long and the first school band was founded. That was also the start of my “musical career”. From the age of 14 I played in more or less well-known cover bands. All possible styles were represented. From folksy music to rock and roll – from hard rock to country music to soul and funk – everything was in the program. And it was fun.

At some point the zenith was reached. My job required all my attention – there was no time left for music. It wasn’t easy to just give up the hobby and sell all the instruments. But what remained for me – there was no other way.

30 years later it infected me again, the music fever. A MIDI keyboard was bought, a digital audio workstation installed on the computer … and off we went. It started with cover songs six years ago. Meanwhile I have arrived at electronic music. Let’s see how it goes on …

Please visit my Youtube channel. You can listen to some of my cover songs there (and watch them … because of course there’s also a video for each song). Have fun with it.