Probably the most beautiful and varied motifs can be found in nature. The world of nature photography is correspondingly diverse. The selection of plants and animals of all kinds offers endless possibilities for brainstorming and inspiration.

In addition, landscape and nature photography offers a lot of space for playfulness and experiments, which adult people probably rather call creativity. On the one hand, to get involved in the constantly changing play of nature with wind and weather, times of day and seasons, ebb and flow and, on the other hand, to accept the challenge of finding new perspectives in motifs that have truly been sufficiently photographed. That makes things exciting. Experimentation is not only allowed, it is also an absolute prerequisite.

I want to transport all my fun, my playfulness, my feeling of happiness, my joy in nature and the fresh air through photography to the viewer. The picture quickly arouses emotions in the viewer. Even on myself I can experience it. The picture becomes an experience of nature – completely without hunger, cold or other side effects – apart from the aroused desire to travel and curiosity. It is now slowly time to rotate the pleasures again. Now it’s enough again with the computer work, the camera is ready, I long to feel again sand, gravel or forest and meadow ground under my feet and wind in my face and to surrender to the intoxication of photography.


I am allowed to be open to what nature offers me

Of course, I don’t experience hours of photographic opportunities and moments of happiness every day, even when I’m out and about in enchanting scenic areas. But even when it rained for days on end, nature often unexpectedly presented me with scenic eye candy that lasted only a few minutes. What a great fortune to be in the right place at this moment and to have the opportunity to hold on to such treasures for eternity. For me, these moments are gifts of nature and I am ready to accept them with gratitude.

Photography in nature gives me the possibility of fulfilment. With the photographic equipment on my back and the tripod in my hand, I move on my walks to scenic places. I observe interesting animals in their habitat. With awake senses I perceive the nature around me, find everywhere interesting and exciting motives, which I can capture in the picture. The concentrated work with the camera flows into each other with the physical activity in beautiful natural landscapes. Psyche and body are equally strained. My perception and work with the camera, consciousness and action merge effortlessly. I know my camera, I operate it unconsciously, just as I no longer have to think about gears and steering when driving a car. And the changed perception of time experienced, the forgetting of everyday worries, of hunger and tiredness is also described in the specialist literature.

“Through hours of daily work in offices and evening television consumption, the senses atrophy and people have to learn simple things like seeing again,” says the German psychologist and author Reiner Gödtel, who unfortunately died in 2002 at the age of 63. In his opinion, “walking in the great outdoors and seeing, hearing, smelling at the same time is a source of joy and happiness”.

I am very happy, because the enjoyment of beauty, the physical activity and the demanding technical aspect of photography are united in what I do.


You have to hurry if you want to see something, everything disappears.

(Paul Cezanne)

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