A Small Big City with a Lot of Feeling.

The city of Nuremberg is located in the north of the federal state of Bavaria about 160 km from the city of Munich. Despite its almost complete destruction in World War II, the cityscape is still dominated by medieval architecture such as the fortress walls and towers of the old town or the houses in Weissgerbergasse. At the northern edge of the old town, the world-famous Imperial Castle (Kaiserburg) rises above the red tiled roofs. The main market square (Hauptmarkt) in the city centre is home to the partially gilded “Schöne Brunnen” fountain and the Gothic “Frauenkirche” (Church of Our Lady) from the 14th century.

The most famous goods of the town are gingerbread and handmade toys. During the Christmas season they are offered at the world-famous Christmas Market (on the Main Market Square) or all year round at the “Handwerkerhof”, where various handicraft workshops are located in a historical ambience. Opera, ballet, plays and concerts are performed in the impressive Art Nouveau building of the State Theatre. The “Germanisches Nationalmuseum” and the “Neues Museum – Staatliches Museum für Kunst und Design” offer exhibitions on art and culture. In the Documentation Centre “Reichsparteitagsgelaende” (on the former Nazi Party Rally Grounds) at Dutzendteich, Nuremberg’s role in the Third Reich is vividly depicted.

If you visit Nuremberg, you should definitely try Nuremberg bratwursts – not for nothing are these delicacies known and loved far beyond the borders of Germany! Every day more than three million pieces are produced and exported all over the world.