Hinton Ampner

Elegant Country House with Unique Gardens.

Hinton Ampner is well known for its beautiful garden and an elegant country house with a unique collection of furniture, paintings and works of art. The house was built in 1790 and extensively renovated in 1867. Between 1936 and 1939, Trenwith Wills and Lord Gerald Wellesley rebuilt it in New Georgian style for Ralph Dutton, the eighth and last Lord Sherborne, in his vision of what it would have been like if it had been built in 1790 in its present size – a Georgian country house. In 1960 it was badly damaged by fire and rebuilt as it was in 1936. The garden in its present form was laid out by Ralph Stawell Dutton (1898 – 1985), the 8th and last Baron Sherborne, from 1930.

If the old trees in Hinton Ampner’s historic park landscape could speak, they would tell of civil war battles, war refugees and ghostly persecutions. The garden is widely known as a masterpiece of 20th century design. The five-hectare site combines a formal layout with varied plantings in pastel shades. Nestled in the beautiful countryside of Hampshire, it offers a magnificent view of the park landscape and the South Downs. Highlights of the garden include the Dell, a sunken garden and the recently restored walled garden.

Ralph Dutton, with no direct heirs, gave the property to the National Trust on his death in 1985.