Colourful, Vibrant and Creative.

The Romans already settled in the area of the later town. During archaeological excavations a Roman villa was uncovered. Today’s Brighton dates back to an Anglo-Saxon foundation in the 5th century.

In 1823 the town became the first pier to receive the Chain pier, followed by the West Pier in 1866. Since 1841 there was a railway connection to London. 1872 a large aquarium was opened, at that time an international attraction.

In 1896 Brighton became the destination of one of the oldest continuous car races in the world, today’s London to Brighton Veteran Car Run. Only vehicles from Edwardian times, the days of automobile origin, i.e. vehicles built before January 1905, are permitted to take part in this race.

There is plenty to discover in Brighton: the Brighton Palace Pier, the Royal Pavilion and the brand new British Airways i360. The city also boasts an abundance of cultural delights, as well as big-name shops and hundreds of independent boutiques. The famous Lanes are well worth a visit. From the lifestyle and jewellery shops to the retro chic of the North Lane, shopping is a truly unique experience. Here you will find everything from household goods & jewellery to vintage clothing & vegetarian shoes.

Colourful, vibrant, fun and free, Brighton offers the energy of the city and the freedom of the sea. It is truly unique!