Private photos often have a great historical value for the viewer and show not only the beautiful times but also dramas of everyday life. They are frequently the only remaining documents of an event that might otherwise only survive in the form of a personal memory or a narrative. Although a photographic image is from the past, the reason for any interaction with this medium is from the present. Through photos, experiences become visible and motivate us to new symbolic actions.

Working with a photo allows me to enter into a creative process. Photography acts as an “interpreter” between the conscious language of the mind and the unconscious language of experience.

My way of approaching the medium of photography is a kind of mindfulness practice. The point is to realise what wants to happen in this moment. In spontaneous photography, the conscious and the unconscious are visualised – inner images, mental and physical reactions, coincidences, fantasies, dreams or fears. If all this is carefully explored, if it becomes perceptible, visible or audible and thus alive and tangible, the possibilities for development can become visible and evolve. From this arises an inner attitude of trust, humour, empathy, and creativity towards the moment and what we encounter in the present.

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