“At home” – it’s not just a place name, it also describes a certain feeling. The location is probably the easiest way to describe the word itself. It is clearly defined, because it has an address, you can describe what is in it and therefore what you pay and how it looks like. It is perhaps the “simple” version to describe “home”. People like it simple and why complicate something when it seems clear. That’s not enough for me.

“At home” is not a feeling that one can describe simply only with colors, forms, costs and data of the residence and the situation, since it is something completely special. For me “home” is at the same time a feeling of security, perfection, warmth, love. Where I would like to be, where it attracts me.

It is an incessant pull that pulls me to exactly this one place and pulls me relentlessly. A constant wind suction that only stops when I am at the place in question. This “home” is the goal of every journey.

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