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percent perfect

is a matter of impossibility

It’s a mistake not to want to make mistakes. That’s why I don’t waste my time doing all things 100% and perfectly. Perfectionism leads to tunnel vision and is often ineffective and highly unproductive.


The most beautiful moments can often only be seen for a few seconds. The art is to capture these moments on the chip of the camera. This is what I try to do every time I go on a photo tour.


I am someone who likes to play with different electronic media and experiment with the combination of photo, video, music and design. Because it’s fun and doesn’t have to be perfect.


There is nothing in which anger and gentleness, in which bravery, moderation and all other moral qualities, along with their contrasts, are so clearly and similarly depicted as in music.


In the past it was my profession – today it is a hobby and a vocation at the same time. Last but not least, good media design is simply fun. It says a lot without making big words.

Oh, & I Blog Sometimes

Petworth Park - Lower Pond

I get to play – and I really enjoy it!

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Probably the most beautiful and varied motifs can be found in nature. The world of nature photography is correspondingly diverse. The selection of plants and animals of all kinds offers endless possibilities for brainstorming and inspiration. In addition, landscape and…
BFMR Mediaservice

My New Business Website Is Online

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I am happy to tell you that my new website is now live! The process of renewing my corporate image is now complete. My newly designed website aims to create a user-friendly browser experience and access to information that will…
Breathtaking images

Breathtaking Images and Visualisation of Stories

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Private photos often have a great historical value for the viewer and show not only the beautiful times but also dramas of everyday life. They are frequently the only remaining documents of an event that might otherwise only survive in…

Rain …

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